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I’m an NVDA Certified Expert!

In November 2019, I passed the NVDA certified expert exam.

NVDA Certified Expert

I wanted to take the exam to help solidify my learning and understanding. I’ve used NVDA for a while in my day to day accessibility testing, so had a working knowledge of it. I felt pretty comfortable at basic web tasks:

  • Navigating pages using elements and land marks
  • Reading page titles
  • Interacting with forms

There was a lot I didn’t know and which will be useful in testing websites more effectively, particularly:

  • Review cursor; this is a separate cursor allowing you to read text – typically nearby – without moving the actual cursor
  • Shortcuts for modifying the speech rate (speed); lengthy pages can be time consuming to evaluate purely due to the amount of content. As you get more comfortable with NVDA, increasing the speech rate helps test pages far quicker.