Reading Roundup 19/02/2021

Interesting reading from around the web on accessibility, development, and anything else that catches my eye.

Total Immersion Keyboard Testing

Keyboard testing is a critical aspect of an accessibility review. All functionality on a site should be available via the keyboard, which opens access to a wide range of assistive technologies. Testing with the keyboard is usually one of the simpler aspects of accessibility testing. It can be tempting to reach for the mouse though. […]

NVDA Testing Tips

Here’s a collection of tips for testing using the NVDA screen reader. I’ll add to this as time goes on. Speech display verbosity NVD has a speech viewer tool; this displays the text spoken by NVDA, including both onscreen text and any interaction information. This is useful when you are either unsure what NVDA just […]

New Year, new site

I have setup a blog. Yay! I’ve created my own, very minimal, WordPress theme using the fabulous theme starter. Banner image was put together in Illustrator and is embedded as an SVG. It’s a little too big (29kb) to have inline. I had (have) a long list of amends for this site, but figured […]