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  • List Live Regions

    Don’t want to read all the below? Here’s the bookmarklet: List live regions When using ARIA live regions, it is best practise to ensure the live region container is present on page load. Content can be dynamically added as it’s needed. It is not always easy to locate existing live regions in code to verify…

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  • Reading Roundup 19/02/2021

    Interesting reading from around the web on accessibility, development, and anything else that catches my eye.

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  • Total Immersion Keyboard Testing

    Keyboard testing is a critical aspect of an accessibility review. All functionality on a site should be available via the keyboard, which opens access to a wide range of assistive technologies. Testing with the keyboard is usually one of the simpler aspects of accessibility testing. It can be tempting to reach for the mouse though.…

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  • NVDA Testing Tips

    Here’s a collection of tips for testing using the NVDA screen reader. I’ll add to this as time goes on. Speech display verbosity NVD has a speech viewer tool; this displays the text spoken by NVDA, including both onscreen text and any interaction information. This is useful when you are either unsure what NVDA just…

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  • New Year, new site

    I have setup a blog. Yay! I’ve created my own, very minimal, WordPress theme using the fabulous theme starter. Banner image was put together in Illustrator and is embedded as an SVG. It’s a little too big (29kb) to have inline. I had (have) a long list of amends for this site, but figured…

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  • I’m an NVDA Certified Expert!

    In November 2019, I passed the NVDA certified expert exam. I wanted to take the exam to help solidify my learning and understanding. I’ve used NVDA for a while in my day to day accessibility testing, so had a working knowledge of it. I felt pretty comfortable at basic web tasks: There was a lot…

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