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Total Immersion Keyboard Testing

Keyboard testing is a critical aspect of an accessibility review. All functionality on a site should be available via the keyboard, which opens access to a wide range of assistive technologies.

Testing with the keyboard is usually one of the simpler aspects of accessibility testing. It can be tempting to reach for the mouse though. That’s why I wrote this Total Immersion Keyboard Testing bookmarklet.

It simply removes the mouse cursor, and prevents all pointer events. You can no longer use the mouse!

The only way out of this (currently) is to refresh the page. I’ll try to add a shortcut to re-enable the cursor to make this easier.

As with any bookmarklet, drag the link below onto favourites bar, or bookmark it. Or try first by selecting the link here!

Total Immersion Keyboard Testing bookmarklet

Here’s the script itself:

	var styleEl=document.createElement('style');
	var styleSheet=styleEl.sheet;
	styleSheet.insertRule('*{cursor: none !important; pointer-events: none;}')