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Reading Roundup 19/02/2021

UI costs Citibank $500 million

Difficulty navigating a UI by a bank employee costs Citibank half a billion dollars.

This was apparently caused by incorrect fields being filled in, a potential failure of WCAG 2.1 SC 3.3.2: Provide labels or instructions when user input is required

How much would it have cost to run an audit and/or usability test on that UI? Probably not $500 million.

Proposal to add aria-expanded support for radio buttons

ARIA 1.2 allows for aria-expanded use on checkboxes; select a checkbox to display further content and this can be conveyed programmatically through use of the aria-expanded attribute.

Here’s a detailed proposal, from Oliver Byford, of why this should be extended to include radio buttons too.


Firefox showing the tabbing order

Firefox has added a “show tabbing order” option to the accessibility panel. This overlays a number onto each focusable element, showing its place in the linear tab order of the page. Great to this feature natively in the browsers. I did experience some memory (RAM) issues occasionally when using this feature, slowing my browser down. But it’s early days yet, so these will be hopefully resolved.

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BBC homepage showing tab order